industrial 3D measurement

Together we will find solution to your requirements We will help you obtain data from the measurement of anything and optimize the costs not only for development, but also for checking or creating drawings. Our experiences will provide you with quality results, which we will supply to you in an unambiguous and clear form.

Static photogrammetry

  • Measured object is marked with optical points and is scanned by digital camera from various positions in the area.
  • From digital images, the system calculates the camera positions of each image and the 3D coordinates of the measured points on the object.
Area of application
  • quality control
  • deformation analysis
  • reverse engineering
  • digitalization of dimensions

Dynamic photogrammetry

  • Measurement of movement of object during fast dynamic events.
  • Scanning using a digital fast-shooting camera with a high sampling rate.
  • • Analysis can be performed from one (2D) or multiple (3D) shots.
  • We are able to record up to 20 seconds high-speed recording in a quality of 1280 x 720 pixels at 1700 frames per second.
Areas of application
  • trajectory of movement of object
  • dynamic analysis
  • analysis of residual distance

3D scanning

  • Measurement of areas of small and large volumes using the grid or laser projection method.
  • Experiences with measuring for automotive, but also architecture or design.
  • List of devices – Stationary Scanners Zeiss Gom ATOS Q 8M, Faro Focus 120 S Handheld Scanners Artec MHT and Faro Freestyle

Areas of application
  • Automotive
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Historical heritage

Visualization and virtual reality

  • Visualization of measurement results and dynamic interpretation for better and faster understanding of data.
Data source
  • photogrammetry
  • dynamic analysis
  • analysis of residual distances

Contact measuring

  • Measurement on 3D coordinate machine PRISMO 7 according to 3D models or added drawing documentation
  • Special measuring center P26 from the Klingelnberg company
  • Laser engraving machine TRUMPF
"I have been and employee in AURELCZ company for more than 16 years, which I joined after graduating from the Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Mechatronics. The basic part of my job, which I focus on and have the most experiences in, is optical non-contact measuring. I have also been involved for many years in contact measuring, 3D printing and virtual reality. Big part of my work is also focused on road safety. I have the honor of being in charge of teams with experienced specialists in all mentioned areas. Technology and its usage in various applications had become my hobby. Besides that, I like to spend time with my family, including pets, with whom we like to visit natural beauty and monuments."
Ing. Pavel Drbohlav

We will arrange
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AUREL CZ Group has more than 29 years of experience in automotive development. The company operates in the industrial city of Mladá Boleslav. Thanks to its strategically advantageous geographical location, long-standing industrial tradition, developed infrastructure and qualified workforce, AUREL CZ Group is the perfect partner for your projects.

We offer a variety of services, especially for the automotive industry, railway technology, processing machines and the energy industry. We are expanding our portfolio constantly.

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