Assistance Systems


AurelCZ engages in the testing of AEB and Lane Assist systems, a group of state-of-the-art vehicle assistance systems, supporting tools for active vehicle safety. They are the Autonomous Emergency Braking system (AEB) and the Lane Assist lane keeping assistant.

The AEB system is designed to recognize various types of road scenarios. If the driver is unable to react in time to an obstacle in front of the vehicle, the AEB system will automatically start braking, using varying levels of forces, using an intelligent algorithm for speed, trajectory, inertia and other factors, to prevent a collision or to at least mitigate its effects.

The tested EuroNcap systems entail three basic categories.
An Urban Driving Safety System: AEB City- Autonomous Emergency Braking 10- 50 km/h
Inter-Urban Driving Safety System: AEB Inter-Urban- Autonomous Emergency Braking 30-80 Km/h
Pedestrian Safety System: AEB VRU: Autonomous Emergency Braking Vulnerable Road User 20-60 km/h

The camera of the Lane Assist system detects the lane road surface markings, while the electronic control unit visually or acoustically notifies the driver if, at a certain speed, the vehicle is about to leave its lane without turn signals active.