Dynamic Photogrammetry

Dynamic photogrammetry is an optical contactless method for measuring moving objects during fast dynamic processes. High frame rate digital high-speed cameras are used used for the measurements. One view direction (2D) or multiple view (3D) imagery can be analyzed.

Dynamic Photogrammetry Measurement Technology

  • an optical contactless measurement method, employing high-speed cameras
  • measurement and analysis of fast dynamic processes
  • accurate contactless position measurement of an optical point located on the observed object moving in space and time
  • high-speed cameras with frequencies of up to 10 thousand frames per second
  • 3D coordinate calculations of individual points using SW, based on digital imagery
  • virtual point creation
  • the method features lens distortion calibration
  • accurate camera position determination
  • filtering of measured processes
  • camera image editing (brightness, gamma, …)
  • insertion of logos, frame numbers, time captions, text, etc.

Dynamic Photogrammetry Fields of Use

  • moving object trajectory
  • dynamic analysis
  • remaining distance analysis of “invisible” spots using a model