Car Safety

We are proud of the Czech automotive industry tradition and of the high sophistication of the automotive industry and we are honored to be able to participate in the development of modern automobiles. One of the characteristics of modern cars is their ever-increasing safety. In order for the safety level of vehicles to continue growing, it is necessary go still deeper into the mechanisms behind accidents and also to educate drivers and passengers on the proper use of cars and their safety features.


Aurel CZ goes in both of these direction:

  • the company participates in in-depth analyses of accidents and collisions
  • it develops and creates programs that explain and promote safe behavior while driving


Expert support for the Škoda Auto Road Safety Research project (Výzkum dopravní bezpečnosti Škoda Auto)

The road safety research is at the forefront in the field of in-depth accident analysis and the Czech Republic is one of only a few countries with such a team. The research of road safety also includes various preventative activities, in which we participate.

Passive Safety Presentation Using Crash Tests

It is probably safe to say that everyone has seen footage from crash tests before. A vehicle occupied by crash test dummies colliding, while we watch how the frame of the vehicle ends up. This time, we watch how the occupants end up. In this way, we can clearly see the effects of some frequently underestimated mistakes – a child not in a child safety seat, a rear seat passenger not strapped in, feet resting on the dashboard, unsecured objects.