Data Analysis, Benchmarking

AUREL CZ has long-been involved in benchmarking in the field of automotive, in particular focusing on safety and tests carried out by the independent Euro NCAP association.

  • Detailed knowledge of Euro NCAP rules and conditions
  • In-depth analysis of safety equipment using detailed results including biomechanical stresses on the crew
  • Comparison of used technical solutions and concepts
  • The analyses are supported by extensive photographic documentation
  • Since development in the automotive industry keeps moving forward and the same goes for the Euro NCAP tests, we design and continually improve methods for acquiring more accurate data about the tested vehicles and their performances
  • We continually follow the development of car safety testing procedures (Euro NCAP, C-NCAP, EHK, EC,…)

IT Support

A skilled team of AUREL technicians, with rich experience in the field of IT databases, as well as from the environment of automotive, can secure the following services for our clients:

  • Data Management
    • Data archiving and backup – technical consulting, design and realizing solutions
    • Structure creation for data storage and labeling
    • Database management
  • Programming
    • Programs for simplifying data analysis
    • Database systems
    • Development and modifications of automatic sequences for established SW