Static Photogrammetry

The measurement process is based on the principles of photogrammetry. Measured objects are tagged with optical points (stickers, magnetic or special adapters). The prepared objects are photographed in different positions in space using a digital camera. Based on the digital imagery, the system computes the camera positions of individual pictures and 3D coordinates of the measured points of the object. We lean on the many years of experience of our measuring team.

 Static Photogrammetry Measurement Technology

  • optical contactless measurements intended for the measuring of dimensions, static deformations, determination of the measured object’s position and shape reconstruction
  • the device is completely mobile
  • measuring of soft materials, hot parts (up to 180°)
  • the weight and size of the object measured is practically unlimited
  • optical markers (points) of various sizes are used for the measurements
  • calibrated and certified optical devices are used

Static Photogrammetry Fields of Use

  • Quality Control
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Object Shape Reconstruction (reverse engineering)
  • Dimension Digitalization

Static Photogrammetry Measurement Output

  • taking measurements of dimensions
  • point position analysis, vectors, distances, diameters, angles, tolerances…
  • the static deformation analysis, which can be created for multiple states
  • interlacing of the basic entities of lines, planes, circles, cylinders, spheres, cones…
  • reference data deviation (CAD,…)