FZŠ 2021


Virtual experience of accident for real survival

Our project approaches completely differently to the already known issue of accident rates. We have long-term experiences in deep accident research. We offer synergistic approach – One project will help the work of the traffic police in the investigation of traffic accidents and at the same time we will create illustrative preventive materials from such processed accidents. We will engage virtual reality to prevent accidents and teach preventers of the Police of the Czech Republic to use these technologies.

Meaning of the project
  • The project wes created from the experience with research aimed at protecting pedestrians, cyclists, i.e. vulnerable participants.
  • The opportunity to virtually experience a traffic accident from the point of view of both pedestrian and driver is irreplaceable and provides an experience that does not cost health or money.
  • The project is designed for all age categories and is intended to serve the general public so that is possible to understand the circumstances of the occurrence of a traffic accident.

Achieved goals
  • detection of traces in 2D ortho photo plan DN
  • 2D dynamic analysis with the help of video
  • scene creation for virtual reality
Downloading of realized applications and manuals
  • Redirect link
  • or copy: https://cloud.aurelcz.eu/index.php/s/dR7nwHzHw2eqjsE

Thanks for supporting the project and cooperation on its implementation

  • to Mr. kpt. Bc. Milan Novák
  • to Mrs. plk. Mgr. Zuzana Pidrmanová
  • to Mr. kpt. Bc. Ondřej Pencov