internships for students

We will help you develop your talent.

Why AUREL CZ Group?

Come and see what is going on. There are plenty of options, you will surely find your place with us.

We will give you several reasons to work for AUREL Group:

We will take care of you
  • Your mentor will help you with everything, they will take you under their wing and teach you everything that is needed.
  • The time will be optimized according to your study load into flexible working hours.
Discover what you enjoy
  • Try an internship, summer job, a part-time job or have a bachelor’s or master’s thesis done.
Graduate program
  • After the internship, you can then enter the graduate program. We will not let capable people escape.
Develop with us
  • We are a young team, we support new ideas and we love advances especially in technology.
Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an enthusiast who fits into our team.

Who are the internships for?

Internships are designed for students at secondary schools and universities, technical or IT specialization, who not only like to earn extra money, but also try an interesting job.

We do not require practice, we will teach you what will be needed.
How does it work?

Fill out the form below and you are done. We will contact you as soon as possible so that we can meet and come up with a possible activity just for you.

How long is the internship for?

The duration of the internship varies. It always depends on the agreement. As a rule, it is not less than 3 months. Exceptions are compulsory internships at secondary schools and summer jobs.

"In May 2019, as part of an optional internship at ŠKODA AUTO University – where I studied Operations, Logistics and Quality Management – I was given the opportunity to work as a trainee at ŠKODA Motorsport in the technical department. During my internship, I was able to cooperate with the quality department to obtain the necessary information for the elaboration of my bachelor thesis, which was focused on the input quality control of chassis parts. Jakub Mimra became the supervisor of my bachelor thesis, and he noticed my passion for motorsport and so I got the opportunity to work in the quality department under his leadership, where I currently work and where I am very satisfied."
Karolína K.
"I joined AUREL CZ in 2017 as part of a one-year internship, where I was accepted into the IT department and where I was given time to create my bachelor thesis under the supervision of Bc. Tomáš Zahrádka. IIn order to create a more effective final thesis on the topic "Wireless connection of the test sample with measuring technology", I was allowed to cooperate with other departments, such as AEB. Thanks to this, I was able to better understand the issue and complete the work with a successful defense. I also used the experience gained from AUREL CZ in my diploma thesis on the topic "Implementation of the attendance information system using the principles of project management. I have been working in the company for 5 years and I am currently working in the ICT Management department."
Miroslav Č.
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