Company name:
AUREL logistic s.r.o.
ID: 24754099
VAT ID: CZ24754099
The company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court of Law in Prague, section C, enclosure 171554
Legal entity:
Nezamyslova 509/2, Nusle
128 00 Praha 2
Logistics Coordinator
Pavel Mrkvička
Mob.: +420 774 311 117
Bc. Jana Slavíková
Phone: +420 774 311 668

Logistics and Warehousing

  • warehousing
  • administrative work
  • material handling
  • goods dispensing according to the needs of customers or according to the  FI-FO, FE-FO …etc.
  • goods completion
  • electronic evidence
  • barcode labeling, automatic identification
  • goods packaging

 Other activities in the filed of Logistics

  • Organization of new warehousing facilities according to the customer‘s needs
  • localization of the employees direct in the customer‘s premises according to the customer‘s needs
  • warehouse reorganization, storage optimization
  • individual approach to customers
  • processing of requests for transport of goods according to individual customer‘s needs with maximum flexibility
  • evidence of performed transports and of transported goods
  • technical support and professional consulting in the field of logistics
  • communication with external partners and suppliers

Field of use

  • automotive industry
  • construction industry
  • engineering