The Břehyně polygon

The development in the automotive industry is still progressing and the development of autonomous systems is directly linked to it. The idea of the future is to avoid collision scenarios and car crashes into all kinds of obstacles that may occur on the road. For this purpose, advanced assistance systems, safety systems and sensory tests are used. It is possible to test these systems, tests and their sub-categories on the “Břehyně” polygon owned by Aurel CZ, s. r. o.

Current testing options:

  • Test area of approximately 37,000 m2 (asphalt and block paving)
  • 460 m long straight lane for testing (two-way traffic in two lanes)
  • Dynamic area of approximately 12,500 m2
  • Fully equipped workshops available
  • Climate chamber for 2 vehicles (from -40 to + 0°C)
  • Space separation is possible
  • Interior tests – pendulum tests, chassis dynamometer
  • Separate office, storage and workshop areas
  • Small oval (ca. 600 m)
  • Additional testing options based on customer’s request

Future testing options in 2022

  • Closed hall with a length of min. 200 m and width of 15 m
  • Crossroads and turns
  • Climate chamber for 2 vehicles (from -40 to + 80 °C)
  • Slope – gradeability tests, etc.
  • Large oval (ca. 1,400 m)
  • Water canal — wading 2022