Continual Line Degreasing – Chrastava Plant

  • semiautomatic transit spraying machine with 4 sections for degreasing parts (degreasing, rinsing, passivation, drying), with manual insertion
  • each section is separated by a curtain
  • useful belt area: Max. 1000 mm of width, part length of up to 1500 mm (max. part weight 15 kg), max.. 360 mm of height, belt speed 1 m/min.
  • drying – operational temperature – adjustable 105 – 140 °C as required
  • the technological mediums in the vessels can flexibly be changed according to individual processing requirements, as provided by the customer
  • the machine is equipped with sensors for reading the values monitored: temperature, conductivity
  • prescribed parameters are monitored and evaluated 1×4 h
  • adequate manipulation and storage spaces

Submersion Line for Aluminum Degreasing and Passivation

  • automated submersion degreasing and passivation machine
  • working area: 1600 x 500 x 1000 mm
  • material operation and transport in individual baths is controlled by a PC, multiple parameters can be set
  • history of technological processes in the PC
  • The machine is controlled based on internal regulations, technological media (parameters) are monitored and evaluated 1×4 hours
  • the equipment and the chemistry are in accordance with Daimler, BMW and Benteler standards
  • adequate manipulation and storage spaces