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We specialize in the installation of sensors and subsequent measurements. We map events lasting several milliseconds as well as several months. We use sensors of renowned world manufacturers, or we design and produce special measurements with disposable sensors of our own production. We process the data into the required formats and also prepare a detailed analysis. The most commonly used sensors include:

  • load cells
  • Accelerometers
  • Potentiometers
  • strain gauges

Strain gauge measurements

The activities of the group are based on the use of theoretical knowledge and long-term experience in the creation of test methodologies in the field of experimental stress analysis using strain gauge measurements.

The basis of the thesis is the development and production of special strain gauge sensors, their professional installation, measurement and recording of tests in laboratory or operating conditions (according to the client’s own design or specification) and the processing of final evaluations and test report.

The obtained results are the basis for the creation of a verified virtual model of the monitored part or the entire structural assembly, serving for dimensional or material optimization and risk assessment of limit and non-standard load cases.

Areas of application of strain gauge measurements

  • measurement of strains, displacements, accelerations, forces and moments even in hard-to-reach places
  • measurement of static and dynamic waveforms at operating temperatures up to 450 °C
  • measurement of voltage fields and calculations of residual stresses
  • evaluation of parameters of FEM models
  • verification of CAE simulation results
  • application tests for performance and durability verification

Examples of performed applications of strain gauge measurements

  • Control strain gauge and temperature measurement of the voltage of the primary circuit pipeline at the first and second units of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant
  • torque measurement on gearbox shafts and cardan shafts of a ŠKODA Motorsport rally car
  • measurement of deformation and stress of fast processes during impact tests
  • measurement of torques on propeller shafts during operation
  • static and dynamic stress measurements of gearbox box parts
  • measurement of shaft deflections and relative displacements of internal gearbox parts
  • measurement of forces in the fixing bolts of wheel discs
  • measurement of residual stresses in pressure castings of aluminum wheel discs
  • measurement of proportional deformations and stresses of the blades and the hub of the fans under rotation
  • measurement of control moments of valves at cryogenic temperatures

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AUREL CZ Group has more than 29 years of experience in automotive development. The company operates in the industrial city of Mladá Boleslav. Thanks to its strategically advantageous geographical location, long-standing industrial tradition, developed infrastructure and qualified workforce, AUREL CZ Group is the perfect partner for your projects.

We offer a variety of services, especially for the automotive industry, railway technology, processing machines and the energy industry. We are expanding our portfolio constantly.

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