Technical Center

We will solve every request.

The Technical Centre in Mladá Boleslav has at its disposal:
  • 1,500 m2 of technological space
    • 4 separate, fully equipped workshops with an experienced team of mechanics
      • 15 jacks, filling and draining of air conditioning media, diagnostics, SW from Vector for signal diagnostics on control units, handling equipment, 8x electric charger and more
    • 1x measurement center (optical measurement)
      • Statistical photogrammetry
      • Scanning
    • machining workshop
    • calibration stand for measuring shafts up to 10KNm
  • 3,000 m2 of warehouse space
    • 800 m2 of rack warehouse
    • 2200 m2 of space for storage of wagons
  • offices for 70 developers

We realize:

Preparation of cars for long-term driving tests of gearboxes and chassis

Preparing cars for Crash tests

Preparing cars for driver assistance tests

Preparation of cars for aerodynamic tests

Coordination and engineering of Crash tests (roofing of complete projects)

Transmission shift map applications

Preparation of autosequences for data evaluation

App development