Pedestrian Protection Laboratory

We carry out physical pedestrian safety tests. The tests are carried out using testing equipment from BIA, so-called impactors, which are models or representations of a specific part of the human body. Currently, no comparable test has been defined, which would use an entire dummy as a testing tool. Thus, the tests themselves are subdivided into three areas:

  • lower limb lower part testing
  • lower limb upper part testing
  • infant, adult head testing

Testing Facility Equipment

  • the testing facility allows testing in accordance with current legislature  (EC 78/2009) and EuroNCAP consumer tests – leg, head impactors, misuse impactors
  • first facility of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe
  • high-speed camera of up to 6000 fps
  • head and leg impactors by TRL and FTSS
  • misuse impactors for sensory tests
  • air platform for test carriage transport
  • complete testing facility background