Development of gearboxes

Automatic transmission SW application

Each automatic transmission has its own software, but it has to be tuned and set up for the specific car, engine, etc. And that's exactly what we do. Our specialists are focused on this unusual and all the more interesting discipline, while being aware of the responsibility for "released" software.


We understand automatic transmissions!

You probably didn’t even think of it, but before you can enjoy driving a car with an automatic transmission, someone had to set it up very thoroughly, test it, and spend a lot of time with it. We are ready for it, we have our own facilities – offices, meeting rooms, preparation rooms for cars, warehouse… and testing possibilities – Proving ground, climatic chambers…

Our experts flash, setup and test the software over and over again until they are satisfied with the result and can give their results to you, our satisfied customer, after many months of work. And if you find the ride quite normal and natural – that was exactly the goal! However, there are different areas that need to be addressed in such work:

  • Driving off, upshifts/downshifts, dynamics of the gearbox controls…
  • Compatibilities and interactions of individual parameters…
  • In addition, we use special software such as CANape, CANalyzer, Diagra, ODIS, …

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  • Platform supervision

    We check functions under different conditions, according to clearly defined rules. Parameters must be set so that it can be driven by a driving school student, a seasoned professional or a relaxed casual driver.

  • Applying gearbox software for winter and summer

    The automatic transmission and its settings are tuned and checked in a variety of extreme weather conditions, in hot Spain and beyond the Arctic Circle. It is driven in mountain sections, cities and highways all over the world.

  • And there must be order!

    We help to keep very thorough records of all this. Every parameter change must be properly recorded and justified, as the control unit processes thousands of them!

Hundreds of thousands of test kilometres

When we want to adjust the behavior of the automatic transmission correctly, we need to analyze, adjust, test again and again, and at the end, check overall. It's a lot of work, but we enjoy it!

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"Where is it written that the gearbox behaves the same at -30 °C as at +40 °C in outdoor temperatures? It's not easy, but we can adjust it!"

Gary Kuniss, Group Manager - Automatic Transmissions

Development of gearboxes

Automatic gearbox construction, platform development and test accompaniment, software applications, FEM calculations, measuring “stands” and strain gauge measurements – we offer you all this!

Our specialists apply the automatic transmission software, release it into serial production for a specific transmission for the entire VW Group, they parameterise the control units, optimise the SW maps for noise, comfort, speed… They manage data in the CRETA and FAHST software, check the stops in the Connect system, configure dataloggers… Different operating modes are tested by our experts on test benches, on our Proving ground and in real operation. Do you want to build a gearbox, analyse its behaviour using strain gauging or FEM? You name it!


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