Experimental Laboratory

Experiment as part of development

Experimentation is an integral part of product development and is also used as a tool to verify the computational CAE analyses we perform.


Let's check it experimentally!

We solve experiments from design, through implementation, to evaluation of measured data and interpretation of results.

We offer complex solutions where experimentation is combined with CAE simulations.

  • We are partners throughout the entire development phase
  • We approach each problem individually
  • We look for connections and propose solutions

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  • Component tests

    Static and dynamic tests of products according to customer's technical specifications or own developed methodologies.

  • Material tests

    We perform material tests to identify mechanical properties, including the subsequent creation of CAE (FEM) material models if required.

  • Special tests and measurements

    From design to the implementation of tests and measurements according to the customer's specific needs. The tests are usually accompanied by measurements of mechanical or physical quantities and are carried out in the laboratory or at the customer's site.

More than 30 years of experience in the industry

During our time on the market, we have contributed our services to the development of various components for many automotive brands.

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"Based on our own experimental methodologies, we create CAE material models that serve as inputs for static and dynamic test simulations. In general, any numerical simulation can only be as accurate as its inputs."

Ing. Petr Horník, Ph.D. Head of Laboratory

Our solution is the best

Our team consists of highly educated professionals who are experienced in a wide range of technical areas. Since we started, we have been providing cutting-edge services in the area of development support mainly (but not only) in the automotive industry. We provide comprehensive services by synergizing CAE calculations with the activities of the experimental laboratory. This connection helps us to uncover the problem and find the optimal solution.


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