Pedestrian protection test room

The only pedestrian protection test facility in the Czech Republic. An integral part of the passive safety of modern passenger cars. Development tests according to international standards and special customer requirements.


Let's get dynamic!

It doesn’t matter if you want to prepare the whole car or just a part for Euro NCAP, homologation or FEM model verification, we can do it together!

We can prepare tests from A to Z in our dynamic testing room, and we can accompany them with superior services from our portfolio – scanning, 3D static and dynamic photogrammetry, strain gauging, etc.

  • Euro NCAP consumer tests
  • Type approval tests ECE 127.02 (ECE 127.03, EC 78/2009)
  • Active hood, misuse tests, on customer’s request…

I'm interested
  • Since 2011 we have been conducting tests

    In the testing room you will find 3 machines and an experienced team, standard and non-standard impactors.

  • Confidentiality

    We have a TISAX L3 certificate for our 1500 m² test room and warehouses.

  • Do you want to arrange the whole project? No problem!

    You can add FEM calculations, logistics, accompaniment and organization of the whole project to the exams.

Thousands of development, hundreds of homologation tests

It takes a while before the car is tested, development is completed and homologated. We have helped develop dozens of projects in this way.

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"Tell me what you want to try and we'll do it. There is no problem If something needs to be adapted, set up, changed or made non-standard. "

Bc. Petr Milichovský, coordinator of exams


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We perform passive safety tests in accordance with international norms and standards as well as special tests at the customer's request. Usually standard impactors are used, but we can also use non-standard ones, e.g. so called. "small animal", "bird", "stone", etc. We are simply a dynamic test laboratory, let's define the impact and test body and let's test! We're gonna love it!