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We can test the functions and features of vehicles and components according to your specification or suggest the most appropriate testing procedure.


We enjoy testing

We have been testing for over 20 years and have gained valuable experience in many areas of vehicle testing. We keep pace with car manufacturers and respond directly to their needs.

  • We are an active part of the development
  • We approach each test individually
  • We are looking for context

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  • Functionality testing

    We prepare the vehicle for the test and after the test, we evaluate or provide results to evaluate the functionality of the part or unit under test.

  • Durability testing

    We will prepare the vehicle for the test and after the test, we will evaluate or provide the results to evaluate the service life of the part or unit under test.

  • Measurements

    We will set up the vehicle with sensors, measure and process the data according to your requirements.

The vehicles we have tested work

The best reference for us are the concern vehicles, which are among the best rated in their class in terms of quality and functionality.

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"Since 2019 we have been testing the airbag sensors on all Skoda Auto models worldwide."

Ing. František Janecký, head of examinations

Our solution is the best

We would never be able to offer top level testing if we didn’t have a solid team behind. Our advantage is that we bring together specialists from all areas of vehicle development. We are therefore able to look at each test from both a perspective and in detail and connect seemingly unrelated areas. This connection has always helped us in the past to find the problem and the subsequent solution.


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