A unique way to describe tensions under different types of stresses. Whether you need to check and optimize the design or make a special measuring probe, we design, measure, deliver.


Let's measure the tensions together!

By various applications of resistive strain gauging we can not only describe the tensions in the material as such but we can also construct special sensors.

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  • Tensometry for passive safety.
  • Tensions on machine components under various stresses.
  • Torque sensors, force…

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  • Simulate it, we'll measure it!

    The measured values are used e.g. to validate FEM models, of course we can supply these as well.

  • Construct it, we'll measure it!

    We supply our customers with measurements of stresses on their structures, directly and converted into forces, moments...

  • Special and single-purpose sensors on customer request

    Design, prototype, measurement.

Hundreds of installations, lots of measured data

Installing strain gauges on crash tests exactly according to customer requirements, describing unevenness of motor operation, verifying tensions on castings or manufacturing various strain gauge sensors are just a short list of our work.

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"The great thing about strain gauging is its versatility. It can describe dynamic and quasi-static phenomena."

Ing. Miroslav Pažout, Ph.D., Head of Examinations


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