Traffic safety

Experiential traffic education

We will explain how to behave in road traffic in an interactive and fun way. The goal is to understand WHY and HOW correctly. Our goal is to work mainly with children in the long term.


The impact of our activities in figures for the period from the beginning of 2022 to mid-2023.

  • 0 thousand children

    We actively worked with more than 15 thousand children.

  • 0 Classes

    We visited 700 classes.

  • 0 schools

    We visited 70 schools.

  • 0 Hours

    In total, We have taught over 1600 hours.

  • Project objectives

    We want to reduce traffic accidents in the Czech Republic. We think that our children are the way to a better tomorrow and therefore we need to focus on them.


    We are happy to collaborate on projects with various partners. In the past it was Škoda Auto a.s.

    Still moving forward

    Experience, quality and uniqueness

    Knowledge of vehicle development is an advantage and valuable know-how for our team of experts who are dedicated to prevention and traffic education.

    Our unique teaching program is progressive with a human approach.

    • Schedule adapted to the needs of the school
    • Lots of visual aids
    • Possibility of linking with school subjects
    • Fun form by simulating possible situations
    • Competitions in teams
    • Cycling, walking in traffic, travelling by car
    • Virtual reality

    I'm interested
    • Preschool age children

      A specially adapted, entertaining educational programme for the little ones focusing on the most basic elements of road safety.

    • Schoolchildren - 1. .

      Teaching programme focused on each year of primary school. Long-term education efforts may be the most important group in terms of traffic safety education.

    • Adults and general public

      We will support your event by participating in an interesting program using virtual reality. We will show you how dangerous situations arise and let you safely "experience" a traffic accident.

    Kids just enjoy it

    We always want to know the evaluation of what we do.

    Try us out

    "Hello, on April 24 we took part in your project. At the beginning we repeated everything from the previous projects - traffic safety in Mladá Boleslav, assistance systems, braking track. We watched some interesting videos related to traffic accidents. The children discussed them in detail. The project ended with first aid. The children worked in groups. They tried resuscitation, bandaging, dealing with bleeding, rescuing people stuck in the crashed car. The programme was very informative. We rate it as very good."

    J.Reslová, 4th Primary School Mladá Boleslav


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