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Ing. Adam Řehořek
Development Centre Coordinator

Adam joined AUREL in 2016 as an intern. He was a student of Informatics and Logistics (Faculty of Mechatronics). He started in the company as a test technician at the pedestrian protection test station in Chrastava.
“In a moment of some moral hangover – I guess Wednesday morning – when instead of studying I was more fulfilled by my student life at Harcov, I decided to find some extra income for my studies at the university. I went around the bulletin boards of the Harcov dormitories and came across an advertisement for a test technician in Chrastava. I met most of the requirements, so I thought why not give it a try and on 1 March 2016 I started part-time in Chrastava.”
Adam is currently the Development Center Coordinator. At the same time he is one of the key persons responsible for functioning of the polygon in Břehyně.
“During my career journey, I have gained valuable experience from my colleagues who have mentored me in previous years.” As a result, Adam learned how to make independent decisions and coordinate individual sub-processes. “Without this support, I would not have been able to become a Development Center Coordinator at all.”

  • Who are we looking for?

    Above all, we are looking for an enthusiast who will fit in with our team.

  • Who are internships for?

    The internships are intended for students of secondary and higher education, technical or IT orientation, who not only like to earn extra money, but also want to try out interesting work.

  • How does it actually work?

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  • How long is the internship?

    The duration of the internship varies. It always depends on the arrangement. As a rule, it is not shorter than 3 months. Exceptions are compulsory internships at secondary schools and summer jobs.