Passive safety

We are active in passive security

We approach the tests with a comprehensive knowledge of vehicle safety, including a detailed understanding of legislation and vehicle development.

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    We have been working in passive safety for twenty years. We have done thousands of tests in that time. We spend weeks on preparation and analysis. Yet the plot of each of them lasts “only” tens of milliseconds. Every single one is important.

    Projects implemented in recent years:

    • UN-ECE airbag unit change
    • Rollover – sensory and structural tests
    • Takata – Driver airbag change
    • SK Rapid RU – complete test programme
    • CNG – verification of functionality – safety of systems

    I'm interested
    • Tuning adult and child restraint systems

      Side-by-side tests to optimise and verify the functionality of the restraint systems as a whole in the vehicle without the cost of testing the entire vehicle.

    • High-speed front, rear and side impacts

      Testing of the entire vehicle in all stress conditions relevant to the structure, biomechanics and sensors of the vehicle.

    • Pedestrian protection, insurance and low-speed impacts

      Structural tests to optimise and verify the functionality of the front and rear structure.

    In our competence from A to Z

    We plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate crash tests...

    I want to know more

    In 2023, we arranged a project for Škoda Auto: UN-ECE airbag unit modification. This involved performing sensory impact tests for all models currently in production.

    We operate throughout Europe...

    Hundreds of vehicles have passed through our hands at crash labs all over Europe. A stable team can not only ensure the tests in terms of engineering but also mechanically and sensorially in our preparation rooms, where we set up the vehicles with measuring technology.


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