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CAE analysis

Support of the development and solution of non-standard problems occurring in engineering practice, such as multi-physics analysis, dynamic mechanism simulation, CFD analysis, crash analysis, machine and process optimization.

Virtual modelling

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Structural simulation

The main objective of structural simulations is to predict the behaviour of structures and identify potential weak points before they are manufactured or deployed in real conditions. This allows engineers to optimise designs, minimise the risk of failure and increase the reliability and safety of structures. This category includes stress and strain analyses of bodies under static loading (e.g. local stiffness of the bumper structure), dynamic analyses (e.g. crash test simulations) and vibration analyses. AUREL CZ Group is also able to solve problems of fracture mechanics.

Multiphysics simulation

It is a combination of different approaches and types of simulations aimed at the most reliable description and subsequent solution of problems combining body and flow dynamics, thermal loads, electromagnetism and others. AUREL CZ Group has earned its position thanks to its ability to solve difficult to grasp problems of its customers, where the success was just the formulation of the problem.
This approach has been successfully applied in many applications such as battery cooling, brake disc cooling during driving, transmission noise calculations, aerodynamic noise calculations, battery electromagnetic shielding calculations and hydraulic system simulations. In the field of process technology, this is a fundamental approach in the case of mould cooling during the injection moulding process or melting of materials in forming of glass fibres.

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  • MBS simulation

    Simulation of the behaviour of systems of bodies MBS - Multi Body Simulation (these are systems of mutually moving parts, for example gearboxes). MBS simulations allow modelling the behaviour of entire vehicles including all subsystems such as engine, transmission, suspension and many others including the control unit. An example of this would be a vehicle driving through a test circuit.

  • CAE simulation

    The CAE Simulation Department has experts with many years of experience who use their excellent theoretical knowledge and experience in a wide range of technical areas. AUREL provides comprehensive top-quality services, especially in the field of development support and in solving non-standard problems occurring in technical practice.

  • CFD Simulation

    CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations - these are simulations focused on numerical modelling of fluid flows and their interaction with rigid or elastic bodies. AUREL has considerable experience in this area, which we had used in the past to address wind power plant flow, air handling unit design, mold cooling, engine part flow and much more. Fluid Solid Interaction (FSI) allows for a reliable specification of the loads caused by the flow, such as when a car passes through a water obstacle. The flow simulation can also be supplemented with regulation, which is used for example in the design of battery systems but also in air conditioning.

More than 30 years of experience in the industry

During our time on the market, we have contributed our services to the development of various components for many automotive brands.

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"CAE simulations help us solve problems before they actually arise."

doc. Ing. Miloš Müller, Ph.D., Head of CAE analyses

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Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience in a wide range of disciplines. Since we started, we have been providing cutting-edge services in the area of development support mainly (but not only) in the automotive industry. We provide comprehensive services by synergizing CAE calculations with the activities of the experimental laboratory. This connection helps us to uncover the problem and find the optimal solution.


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